Rehab Homework - Go Schisters!

in #art3 years ago

Jaime, one of the greatest therapist here, asked us to put on the front of the paper who we were and on the back , who we've become.

So I painted the front and wrote a little rhyme for the back to share with my fellow Schick warriors.


I was surrounded in the dull and gray,
Isolated by choice , scared of every day.

Down to my last golden strand,
with open eyes, I took a hand.

Now here I am surrounded by all of you,
who also reached out before you lost that hue.

Who I was wasn't me,
Now here I am, sober and free.


Looks great! You are a multi talented individual. I cant wait to see where you are in a year from now! Expecially here on steemit.

thank you ! I am so glad our paths crossed you have no idea !

Great writing.


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