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acrylic on canvas, 1977
my best guess for the size would be 20 x 28 inches - 51 x 70 cm.
This is a size I frequently used.

One of my early works from the mid-seventies, when I lived in Canada.
It was sold a long time ago.
I was represented by a Hungarian Gallery back then, and they favored Endre Szasz, a Hungarian artist - while my main influence at that time was Dali, but also Renaissance painters and such artists as Dürer and Altdorfer,
the head dress here is a tip of the hat to Szasz.

Since 2011 I am now residing in Vienna, Austria - having returned after 40 years in Canada. My studio is at the KunstquartierWien.

Prints can be found on DeviantArt


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Oh, this is amazing! Who is Bogomil?
I suppose you also know Csontváry, one of the greatest Hungarian painters.


I didn't, but now I had a look: very interesting artist. There is a Museum in Pécs - maybe one of these days .... I do have a long bucket list already, lol
Bogomil became the name of my Alter Ego, a whole series of paintings and drawings that started decades ago, as you can see with this early example. It has nothing to do with Bogomilism though I was inspired while reading about it, when I searched for a title for my first painting in that cycle, eventually called "Bogomil's Vegetable Garden".

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