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Oooh, I just recently decided I would start a meditative/mindfulness coloring practice and I want to use it to explore a lot of different types of media. Being that I am sharing this and other projects digitally on the blockchain, I should do one as a digital painting!

Moreover, from this post you will see that it's not "talent", but in fact it's all hard work and practice and anyone can actually do it if they have the passion.

Thanks for some inspiration and sharing such an impactful message!


Thank you for sharing!
I just read your latest post and it's very intriguing! I'll keep an eye on that coloring book :D
Also you mentioned you're afraid of some mediums bleeding through pages, you can scan and print some to try those out!
I have tried several different meditations and they definitely help. I made a post about it few months ago, if you're interested I'll find the link ^^

I had the same thought! IMG_20180520_155721476.jpg

Unfortunately I was bad at the copier settings and didn't have much time to fiddle with it the other day...

At minimum I would like to photo copy the image that I don't get to color in the book, and that way I will make sure I have plenty to choose from for therapeutic materials if I find an appropriate patient. Thanks for checking the project out! Glad to hear another supporter of meditation as well!

If you can it's best to use the preview scan option on a pc :) If not just try a few more and you'll figure it out :D It's easier to scan more at once when you find the right settings.

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