Unperfekthaus - a home for every artist and every art-lover

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Unperfekthaus - a home for artists and art-lovers

So much talent stays undiscovered because the artists has no money or room to work. In the "Unperfekthaus" (in english something like "house that isn't perfect") everybody gets a chance to show the world his artworks.


In the centre of the German city Essen is a meeting place for all kind of artists and everyone who likes to view artworks. It is kind of a museum on the one hand and a workshop on the other hand. Big and small artists come by to present their work.


The concept is brilliant: The provides different rooms with enough space and equipment. The artists can rent these rooms really really cheap and work there (from 45€ per quarterly period). The only premises are that you do some kind of art, it doesn't matter if it is painting, sculpturing, tinkering, crafting, drama, etc. and that every visitor can watch your artworks and take a look how you're are working.

With this concept even unknown and poor artists have a chance to produce and show their work. And, of course, there are often art connoisseurs who want to buy stuff.

There are rooms with different topics. Here is one room for painters:

raum_bilder1.jpgA lot of pictures in a small room

Even the corridors are used for art:

raum_bilder2.jpgLets chill and admire some paintings :)

There are many rooms more you can visit. Sometime the artists are present and like to have a chat about their work. That is very interesting and entertaining because some of them have really exiting stories to tell.

The real nerds live in the basement... Not totally wrong in this case. In the cellar of the Unperfekthaus are working some really good modellers. One of them is a huge fan of SciFi-Movies:

keller_modelle1.jpgHe even modelled the destroyed Enterprise with lots of details. He built in some lights so you can watch the ship burn :)

keller_falcon.jpgOne of the coolest spaceships of all time!

If the visitors don't like what they see they become part of a special modelling project ;-)


Overall a very interesting institution! If you are near Essen consider a visit, it's worth it. They even have a good restaurant! If you like you can take a virtual tour and get a better impression:
-> Inner view with Google Maps
Their website is https://www.unperfekthaus.de/. Unfortunately I only found a German version. What a shame the house itself is very international.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me hear your questions and comments. Do you know similar institutions?


The idea is beautiful. It promote artwork and talented people. Unperfekthaus, a house that is not perfect.

Wow! Beautiful images and art display!

This is one of those ideas that has a good chance to spread throughout the world.

Yeah I hope so. It's a shame that it is so difficult as an artist to survive. Places like this and the Internet can make a real difference!

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