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This be the day I sharrrrr some piratey stuff with you scalawags :D

Anyway, drew me som pirate flag stuff because I needed to do that for various inglorious reasons. I sharpened my pen cutlass and went in, had some marrrkerrrs too, all be in the process.

Walk the plank, final art!


It be tha pens with magic on it, not me hands mate. All was done while listening to the sound of the tha god forsaken ocean. Shiver me timbers! It was a fun ride down the waves of marker layers and linearrrrt.

This Jolly Rodger was left without them bones sticking out in the back, cos we modern pirates nowadays, have kraken and everything.

This be tha process:


Took me old pencil and drew some lines, then added marker so the sketch don't feed tha fish


The next one is to show I'm not a landlubber and had to show the captain I got resolve, so more on it, more ink made of marker thingy got to be added


I did not want to hornswaggle so them shadows be dropped like future dead man liking the mermaid song


This old skull had to be detailed even morre, so I pressed on, working with markers, and Avast ye! It was almost done


I added the kraken tentacles, to make my art better then the next ships artists doodle, needed that booty for me art. Looking from the crow's nest, it looked nice from the distance..


Give no quarter, heave ho and the whole crew is happy and full of rum, with our new flag you sea dogs! Gonna take my pieces of eight and sail away!

Hope you had at least half the fun I had, making this one :D Writing it too :D

Gotta go abaft, have a nice day!

See ya soon!

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Skull and tentacles are definitely very piratey! ARrrrrr! Nice drawing, Rez :D

Now I feel like playing Assassin's Creed: Black Flag again, or watch Pirates of the Caribbean...

Aside of that, I love this drawing. This is the most wicked pirate flag I've ever seen. Well done!

But you are not the only pirate around here, there's this pirate with fearsome art skill as well > @arrr