"The High priestess" Original Collage Art.

in art •  last year

Inspired by my initials and the Archetype in the tarot.
The High priestess stands between the towers marked B and J at King Solomon's temple, Boaz and Jachin translates to "beginning" and "end" or rather completion. She sees beyond the veil of illusion, connected to the moon and stars never forgetting her true place in time and space.

About the piece- I have a deep love of symbolism, this was kind of an exercise or meditation on this archetype. I'm a perfectionist, which has kept a lot of my art from completion. In this piece I wanted to go with the inspiration I had, so no re-touching, adjusting, fine-tuning etc.

Let me know what you think! Or upvote for support. I'm brand new to steemit so share or comment your blog, my introduceyourself post goes over some of my interests.

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Yea I didn't realize by talking about it in the article it would tag it. The hashtag was removed after the bot posting....

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Wow, that's really cool. You should build a whole deck like that. Or at least the major arcana.


Thanks, appreciate the comment! I did one on the Sun and stopped there. But had a similar thought <3

this is a very beautiful piece - you should pursue this sort of work. You are good at it, and your understanding of the Tarot...blessings. How I deal with perfectionism is to make sure the work is not perfect... it's also not mine. The Spirit does It's work through me. It's imperfection, like the forest floor, are perfect...


Thank you so much <3