Drawing My Favorite Game Character/Hero in Mobile Legends, Nana! <3 (Fan Art)

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Hello there beautiful people!!!
How's it going?

I'm not feeling very well today, so I decided to take a day off. Well, there was also a notice regarding a power outage (luckily, there wasn't). So, what I did was play games and draw.

Around third week of last month, I decided to try playing Mobile Legends. Well, I have always wanted to play it but my previous phone wasn't powerful enough for it. Since I got my phone earlier this year, I could finally try it out.

I am still trying to get to know the game and the characters. I am still a noob, but slowly leveling up. I just hope I have more time to play. lol

Anyway, my fan art today is my favorite character, so far. I really like using her in the game. As usual, I utilize mage characters in games that I play. So obviously, this character is also a mage... well, she's also a great support. :)Her name is Nana.


She is truly cute, but a tough opponent to beat. Of course, I'll be showing you the process below. I hope you enjoy it. :)


Well, I was too lazy to sketch it traditionally, so I decided to do the draft this way. :) After this, I worked on the line art.





After the line art, I colored it with the base color first, before finally putting in some shadows and highlights. And finally, I placed the background, my username signature and the date today.








As always, I created a gif version of the process. I also made another gif showing only the drawing itself, not including Paint Tool SAI.

GIF one.gif

GIF two.gif

I always enjoy making and looking at these gif. Aside from the gif, I also tried out making one with transparent background... but it's not very clean. haha I still have a long way to go, but I always enjoy creating fan arts of my favorite anime and game characters.


Do any of you play Mobile Legends? What heroes do you like? At the moment, I am concentrating on the mages... I have reached expert level of Nana and Eudora. I just bought Pharsa yesterday since I have finally collected enough coins for it. It's kind of difficult to control, but I'll get there through practice. haha

Thanks a lot for checking out this post. I hope you enjoyed it. See you again and have a great one!

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Great job @tegoshei, you drew a beautiful and mature nana.. haha

Thank you.... ☺ I'm new to ML, but I find a lot of characters/heroes interesting...

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