Yeah! Until he ruined it with that filter...

I have a question. I see your CCC vote coming in super early. First second. Is there no waiting period to drop votes within these tribes? I'm still trying to hit 15 minutes... but usually I come in an hour late.

I see your CCC vote coming in super early. First second.

Lol, is it? :D I will try to adjust it. it should have been at 12 minutes-ish :D

That's what I thought. Yeah, you should probably fix that.

BTW, I only have the autos set on a couple people I like, the rest it just trails my vote when I vote manually. I have never been much of a fan of autovoters but I don't have the time to manage accounts across tribes etc and this way I can run the baby at a half and half system. When you see my vote on your post, that is me directly as I don't auto, the baby might come in earlier though.

I figured that out. Since the tribes came onto the scene, I noticed quite a few had to set up some automation for their alt accounts. I've always said I don't mind people using automation, I just hope they come and look, eventually, and many do.

I still only have one account. 26415 manual votes I've handed out. Not bad considering out of the nearly three years I've been here, the account was only active for 2 years.

Yep, they were all reset to 0 for who knows how long :D

I use steemauto as it is simple for my my basic mind, obviously still too complicated.

I think some of them have different waiting times

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