Art Attack #132: A Heart for Heartless 💗

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Hey Steemit!

We're back again with another Art Attack! If you're new to the series, this is where I share my drawings and the process behind them. A behind-the-scenes look at my artwork, if you will. This is not to say that I'm very good at art, or that I'm a professional in any way. In fact this is the opposite, and serves as a reminder to how I first started, and lets me track my progress too!

So we're still on our streak of posts where I share about art pieces I did for those in my chat who redeemed free art over on my Twitch channel! One of the perks of being Twitch affiliate is having customisable channel redemptions so anyone in chat can trigger different stuff using channel points! Since I'm an artist, I thought I'd reward my loyal viewers with free artwork at 150K channel points!


This next request was actually made by one of my mods, who goes by Comcbay on Twitch! He's always lurking and listening to my stream and since he's from the US he'd be great to be my mod since the other mods (being Asian) can't stay up that late when I stream.

Anyway, he had enough points to claim a free artwork and requested that I draw him an emote since he streams sometimes too! He's a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and wanted me to draw something like this as an emote:


I thought it looked really cute even though I'm not very familiar with Kingdom Hearts. All I know from that series is that the classic Disney characters are in it like Mickey Mouse and Goofy, and the main character's name is Sora who wields a keyblade.



Anyway, since the Twitch emote size is only 500x500px I had to cut it out somewhere so I thought to only draw the head, heart and hands. Seemed pretty simple since I only needed to trace it.

I sketched two versions: one with feet and one without and just let Comcbay picked which one he liked better.


And he picked this one without the feet which I thought was a better choice too since it was neater and the heart would be bigger and more obvious.


The rest was pretty simple then. This was the line art, and I made the heart pink instead of black since I wanted it to glow and stand out.


To make sure it would also be visible in dark mode Twitch, I had to colour it lighter so we went with a lighter gray instead. and I added the glow effects from the heart too. A little scuffed but I think it worked?


My only concern was if the black outlines would be seen on dark mode so someone suggested I do a white outline too, and it turned out like this:


I wasn't too sure about the white outline and I think Comcbay felt the same so he just used the one without it and it still looked alright on dark mode chat so it's all good!

Here's the timelapse:

This was quite an easy request and I actually finished it pretty quickly on stream which was a relief after all the other requests I had been working on. Plus the next one was going to be interesting.. in a sense. Tune in next week for more!

Thanks so much for reading!

To find out more about me, check out my intro post here!

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