Unicorns- They are not extinct

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Hello there!
How are you doing today?


Welp, I'm back with another piece! This time finished under 10 hours, which is great. It started out as a joke, a friend, we were playing league of legends together and she was joking that I should draw her a unicorn. I started studying the anatomy of the horse head, broke down the shapes in a couple of minutes, then I started applying base values. But It started to come out better than what I was aiming for. So, I decided to stream it, allowing my viewers to see my work on something different for once.
When I finished the grayscale foundation of the piece I've got stuck for a couple of minutes, but then I remembered that NASA made their visual library public, free of charge and I decided to look for a fitting image there, I was not disappointed. I've used a couple of images of the Milky Way that I warped to create the mane and some other galaxies and star clusters. This gave me the palette that you see now, on top of that I've used a mixture of overlay and color dodge layers to enhance the values and to create the particles and light beams. Then I applied a couple of color filters with masks to focus on certain areas. And a little bit of play with one of my particle brushes for the chaos around the horn. And... there was a point where I didn't know what to add or remove, so... I called it done


This is without the Pinky filter... I don't know what I like better so there are both versions :P

Tools used: Photoshop cc2018 & Wacom Intuos pen Small

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Thats a badass unicorn, so cool:)

Thank you very much, dude!