TheMuttArtist A.K.A. Sai Pepe is here- original artwork

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Welp, here I am again with another Pepe!
How are ya doing today?


This time @themuttartist is in front of the crosshair. I was not expecting the guys to like them that much, but I'm happy that they did! When I was painting the Pepes of @tonyrumble and @ericwilson, I had a giveaway for every sub, the giveaway was a quick portrait... Mutt decided that she doesn't want a portrait but instead, she asked me if I can portray her soul into a Pepe, I took the challenge. It's easier to do than a portrait and it's tons of fun to do :P so.. here It is :


@themuttartist is a fellow artist and streamer, and just recently she got herself a brand new steem account, so check her out, and say hello.

Tools used: Wacom intuos pen small & Photoshop cc2018

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ancient one Gray2.jpg

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This is awesome, do you sell any on the rare pepe site?

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Thank you! Will get suggest them to the platform. You're not the first person telling me that :)

Thank you so much again for the Pepe! 😍 It looks great!

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