Selling some of my Arts (Peerhub)

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Hi everyone!

Today I discover a PeerHub, so I decide to sell (ofc Steem $ uncluded) some of my arts:

"Heisenberg Portrait"

Making a portrait (about 5-6 hours of work, idk). Sketch as always I drew by only one pencil (KOH-I-NOOR HARDMUTH 1500 2B) + 12 colors guache.

Peerhub page:
Steemit page about creation:

"Azura The Goddess"

Making a sketch (about 4-5 hours of work). Sketch I drew by only two pencilas (KOH-I-NOOR HARDMUTH 1500 2B and 2H).

Peerhub page:
Steemit page about creation:

"White Camaro"

Making a art (about 6-8 hours of work). 12 colors guache

Peerhub page:
Steemit page about creation:

If you will buy it, I will send it to you by post.

Thanks for all who enter into my post. Good luck for all of you, guys, and sorry for my English.
If you like my art - Dont forget to FOLLOW me!


Awesome, I recognize that Azura piece. You should dual list the items on OpenBazaar too (you can set up OpenBazaar to accept STEEM using shapeshift, instructions here ). Good luck, anyone who gets them is getting some really beautiful art, that Heisenberg looks amazing.

Nice work! Keep going! I like the portrait!

Fun art! Thank you for commenting on my post and leading me to your page. I also love that you're putting your art on PeerHub. Great job! Upvoting and Following you.

Thanks! Add you to my Steem Voter :)

I'll buy the Heisenberg from you. The peerhub page doesn't work when I try to buy it... instead it says "Oops something went wrong".

@robrigo please find me in Steemit Chat and we can chat about selling

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