Mexican Murals - Painted Garage Doors

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Looking around in my neighborhood, I kept noticing a different kind of mural, I have been ignoring so far: garage doors, painted with many different motives and colors. Of course, a garage door does not necessarily imply a garage behind it, especially in Mexico. These are usually safety curtains, and behind them you could have any type of business: from mechanics' workshops to doctors' offices, from publishing companies to restaurants.

All of these murals I gathered in various locations throughout my neighborhood of San Miguel Chapultepec. The first two were the ones that inspired me to visit the others, I remembered seeing. They are on an African themed Internet café.

The next too are quite obviously a dentist's office. The tooth with the dental tools around it make that quite obvious, and believe it or not, compared to many of their competitors this image doesn't even look corny! And the flower next to it gives it a nice aesthetic appeal.

These last two garage doors are probably the most mysterious ones. There used to be an ice-cream parlor behind them, if I recall right, but it closed long time ago. Now all that's left is some avian theme. The pelican feeding her babies is not spilling her own blood for a change, which I'm quite happy about. The other picture, however makes me puzzle. It's obviously a bird, with a big crystal heart, and a lettering saying... I'm not even sure. It almost looks like STRANGER.

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I really enjoyed this post!! Let there be more COLOUR and LIFE instead of grubby old rusted doors!

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Thank you Artemis!
It seems like it's mural season, or something. There are tons of new murals in my area, just waiting to be turned into a post. So there'll be more coming soon.

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Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

Always appreciate seeing good art, all to often street art is well crap squiggles thanks for sharing 💯🐒

You're very welcome. It's really just a matter of looking around and finding the diamonds in the rough. There are all too many squiggles around here too, which makes finding the cool images even more exciting.

Indeed you're spot on 💯🐒

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what an awesome series! I love seeing other countries' local art scene. Thank you for sharing some culture!