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After months on a creative drought, this suddenly happened. Yup, you guessed it, it's spray art! One of my preferred mediums. I haven't thrown down in quite awhile and I ultimately feel bad about that. The more time I let go in between pieces, the more time I lose for better practice. However, I should mention as a co-founder/creative director/communication director of an arts collective, the organizing aspect tends to take over.
I visited our local, home grown art store that has been there since time began, lol. It never fails, the moment I step through there doors, the right amount of creative energy comes over me. The owner tells me about this new chalk spray he got in and hands me two cans, a black and white.


He basically handed me two cans of spray (chalk) paint and said, "Go ahead, try them out", as he left the room. There I stood, both hands full, looking around and thinking, "Let's do this!" lol. The poster board originally had random lines across the top where someone else may have tried. I turned the board over and proceed to spray using random items around me to help the creative process. Next thing I know, the place contains a strong aroma of aerosol and in minutes, done. I am very aware the best place in doing spray art is outside or a well ventilated area, only this unpredictable offer presented itself quite conveniently.


"Did I do that?!" 😂

Here is a sneak peak on one of my next projects:



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