Grifter comic splash page - inked

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I had a lot of fun with this one as well as invested a lot of time. Will eventually color this and the Green lantern picture as well. This was drawn on my favorite 5 ply Bristol board ever that they sadly don't make anymore and inked mostly with a crow quill pen.

Been busy on real world work and also working on sort of a beta project to launch on Steemit and see how it goes. Thanks for checking this out and the next Steemit trading card is being worked on now! If you would like one drawn of you, feel free to drop a message in here or in Steemit chat.


steemit adventure logo.jpg

More art below!
Comic panel


a lot of effort and it's great

I get the feeling you don't like people so much. I understand this as in my experience, people are largely immature.

Such a wise baby :)

Love it! Short comment I know but I enjoy viewing your works and the detail you put into them. You got my 100% vote :)

Wtf. Why did you write so many words?? XD

To make up for the artwork :)

Finally! Finally some normal fonts in the The page ofc looks outstanding. ^^

Your works are always wonderful, I like how you draw the comic.

Nice detail good job 👏🏻

Again, I really am glad you're going to do your own comic series on here soon. You're beyond talented, especially with drawing comic book style panels. Love the details on this, and I'd love even more to see it colored :)

Some fine work. Always nice to see other artists doing well. :]


this is a good post, your work alwage wonderful, i like it.

I did your great effort on your is amazing art i see hear

Sorry to crash your comments...but...
Would really love to see you participate in the holiday edition of #pixelartweekly

That looks so good and i am amazed by the amount of details. Great job !

Awesome work I will check out your page.

wowwww... great comic with great paid. amazing. but, what is the meaning?

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