my comic: Android Blues 69 - 70

in art •  last year  (edited)


Next pages of my graphic novel, where Lisa comes to an important decision.

...but first a look at the previous page, where part of her tries to convince the rest of her to give up:


Page 69:


Page 70:


Thanks for watching!

Previous pages:
Next pages:

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Thank you!

My daughter is standing next to me and saying 'she likes it', that's enough for me. I will need to go back to get the gist of your story though.

Thank you and thank her! :)

Really become addicted to your comics ! I feel something I lack if I do not see pages today! We missed your creativity today, friend

Thanks! sorry I was a little tired after work and gym... :)

Love especially those shiny parts you do on the bodies.
Thanks again for the share -)

  ·  last year (edited)

ah specular highlights! yes to me they are very important, they are like brushstrokes of light
they show the shape of an object very well. :)

All this wonderful work and the last thank you for watching !! but we are to thank you very much!

She needs cryptocurrency! haha 😎

lol if I'd have known about it back when I made this I would have given her an EOS t-shirt or something :)

But that's an interesting thought. Perhaps an AI could hack an exchange quite easily...

  ·  last year (edited)

Interesting path that you're taking the story. I like it. What will she do next? The suspense is killing me.

She needs a longer shirt. I hope she can find some friends along the way, but it's not looking good

She'll get some better clothes in about a dozen more pages... :)

The comic is amazing.The speeches of the comic are increadible


I am beginning to enjoy your graphic novel, thanks.

thank you!

Naked on the streets of Hong Kong - it's impossible to imagine. The whole of China would have gathered))))

haha maybe, though sometimes some parts can be empty

  ·  last year (edited)

its cool your art, in this moment i follow friends

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