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RE: Recycling Artwork

in #art6 years ago

Thanks so much for your nice comment!

I am liking your portraits with scribbles! Do you sketch them out first in pencil, as a guide? You must, because your placement of features is so accurate. Plus mixing the different pen colors to get the final shade you want is both fun and challenging. I once tried it with colored ink and a steel nibbed pen, using straight cross hatching lines of different colors to get the shade I wanted. And always leaving some of the paper showing through.


Yes you are right, first I sketch by pencil then work on details by pen. I find it so much fun to do scribbled lines. You may try it!!

I think a scribble style would take away the fear of making a mistaken mark. A fear many artists have.

Yes, feel like freedom to draw free lines. But also can not make mistake on scribbled sketches

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