STEEM Park Imagination Workshop - Summer Streets in NYC

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Showcasing the Impact of Steemit in our Community :

This past weekend we ( @voronoi and @hansikhouse ) were invited by the New York City Department of Transportation Arts Program to showcase the STEEM Park project and host an art workshop.

Summer Streets is a yearly festival in New York City where the Department of Transportation invites artists, musicians and institutions to host public workshops. This year, they closed down the midtown portion of Park Avenue to open up the street to cyclists, runners, sunshine-enjoyers and booths for groups like us, @sndbox! We had a blast drawing with everyone who came by (all ages) and had some amazing conversations about the power of platforms like Steemit and the growing enthusiasm behind cryptocurrency.

"What can STEEM Park become?"

Our team printed out a big map of the STEEM Park site and laminated it with a dry-erase board finish. We gave out dry-erase markers so that anyone could come by, grab a block and draw! It was a fun exercise and an engaging way to kickstart a conversation on real issues.


We asked New Yorkers what they wanted STEEM Park to become and what they want to see in their own neighborhood parks. Here are some images from the workshop and fun ideas that we came up with!

















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Steem Everywhere. Keep up good work mate.


Thank you @talkcrypto!

Awesome project, well done, and good luck 😁


Thanks so much! We had a blast :)

Steem Park looks like the best Fun Park:)


We think so too :)

This is really awesome. An Engaged community coming up with ideas for a park, and learning more about Steem! I'm going to follow your progress on this. Hopefully we can all do stuff like this in our own communities at some point.

The kids' drawings are amazing, love the creativity of children.

My family will be in NYC in April, looking forward to being up there in the spring!!


Awesome! We'll definitely have at least 1 or 2 events each month so hopefully you can join us come springtime.

woow amazing


Thanks for the support @thegoldenphoenix :)

This is great work. Looks like everyone had a great time and learning experience along with it. Wish we had something like it in our area. Great job!

looks like a successful event! Did Nyers come up with any specific good ideas that are usable about what they want for Steempark?

This is cool. Wish I knew about this. Great job guys. @sndbox