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What is Cryptoart?

Cryptocurrency Art is in many regards a whole new webby genre of creativity. This contest is dedicated to building on the growing culture of blockchain illustrations, crypto cartoons, Satoshi portraits and dank memes.


Calling all Crypto Creatives - share your latest cryptoart with us! Publish a post featuring your art and using the tag #cryptoart. In the post, describe your creative process. What makes this art unique to crypto? Aside from it being published on the Steem blockchain ;) If you're seeing this contest from the outside in - sign up (Steem accounts are free) and share your work in the comment section, below.

Upvote Rewards

Today, our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for inspiring and thoughtful favorites. This contest will last 24 hours. Share your entries in the comment section, below.

Please include a short description of your submission.

  • First Place = 75% @sndbox post upvote
  • Second Place = 50%
  • Third Place = 25%

Curious About Cryptoart?

Explore - The Creative Crypto - our online magazine dedicated to the growing culture of blockchain - art, design, fashion, architecture, music, entrepreneurship, social impact, and more. The magazine serves as the nexus for activity and information across all crypto-networks and as the foundation for unique design projects born from creative partnerships. Our mission is to make blockchain culture and its components accessible and appealing to anyone interested in the emerging technology.

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Hey that's cool!👍😃

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Thank you


That's cool~! How did you do that?


As software Adobe Illustrator. But design made by my style.


Adobe Illustrator, I see. Great software. I hear it does better with straight lines and less of broken jagged pixels.
Keep it up 🎨💻


Steemit down pixeled it. The image that i uploaded disturbed because of its dimensions. Original image is totally vectoral and rastered one that export from illustrator is really straight lines. Try to give a bigger view but not succeed. Not a pixel perfect finish. Does it so necessary on this platform?
I put a smaller one for you.

I would like to share a collage animation i created as a positive welcome of the new year. It is called The Bear the Bull and the Golden Eggs , although is bitcoin themed it refers to all of the cryptoworld:)

Here is my entry for this awesome contest. I am making twitter posters to try to introduce other people like me to the crypto world.


crypto art contest fitinfun (5).jpg

You should be tweeting your posts too. We are finally getting some action over there :)

Hello! This is my entry for the contest. I made an isometric Steem building. In my post I explained why I made it in this style :) I hope you will like it !


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