Embracing Blockchain to Empower Art

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Hi, I'm Adele! A 32 year old painter from Iran

I've been on Steem for about 8 months now and have been a painter and artist for the last 9 years. I work with a wide range of art mediums including oil painting, charcoal, pen, ink and rapid, watercolor and colored pencil. This post will showcase a small window into my art world and a bit about my cryptocurrency journey looking forward!

The blockchain has had a huge impact on my motivation and my artwork. It's a big part of my life now. Prior to discovering this platform, I didn't have the opportunity to sell my art online. But with Steemit, I now have access to cryptocurrency, resources and a community that I did not have previously.


My Goals as an Artist on Steem

My blog is mostly about my painting and drawings. I also record videos and educational tutorials focusing on all kinds of different art mediums. Each tutorial shows the start to finish of my work.

I believe we can learn art simply by watching. I try to share a bit about my ideas and my art process with the hopes that maybe it can help someone else who would like to learn more.

Painting is my profession, so i put all my time and focus into it. I enjoy painting more than any other jobs I have experienced before, and I am very glad that I can pursue this creative work on Steem. We have a very big, friendly, and growing community here! My other goal is to give creative tips to Persian people. I recorded a series tutorials about what I learned through Steemit in Farsi because there is no source in Farsi language.

Charcoal Drawing and Art Videos

The first one is a cover of one of my videos , which illustrates 2 charcoal paintings at the same time. If you're interested in more your can browse my DTube and DLive channel!



My Ink Work

Here are three works using ink drawing on wood:

My Sculpting
It was the cover of another tutorial of my sculpting by clay.
sculpting adele 2.jpg
Oil Painting
Here is one of my oil paintings, below:


My Collection of Circles

This is one of my favorite collections :) For it, I drew some elements and details in a circle which is center of the energy and good vibes.



The Major Arcana Series

Recently, I started a new series about Tarot decks, and have already finished the 7th card. You can find all steps of these pictures above in my blog, and some of them have video tutorials as well.

arcana majorAdelecardstar backgroundsun34567.jpg

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Such an amazing artist you are. Your work is like of a professional artist. :))

thank you so much @sndbox❤️ you are wonderful ❤️❤️


Congrats for the feature @adelepazani 💙🎉🎉🎉👩‍🎨


thank you dear @melooo182 <3 <3

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here: https://steemit.com/news/@reseller/zpck1ilt

No doubt the best medium to count on your work.

Trully professional art work @adelepazani. Each of them looks so stunning and beautiful be it charcoal or painting....so good that it look real...i am not an artist but your work is pulling me to learn few basic..

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thank you so much @steemflow ❤️ ,yes even learning some basics feels great , :)


You correct....we can build upon the little knowledge....

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It's awesome to have such incredible artists in this community and even more so that they can find support and grow their craft here.


thank you @calatorulmiop :) ❤️

A very interesting journey as an artist @adelepazani Loved your artworks and I really like your style of expression. Hope you find the platform of more use. Cheers :)


@aishwarya ❤️ thank you so much ,that's very kind of you <3

Your work looks great! I especially liked the ink works on wood.


thank you so much @dnic ❤️ , yes its so fun, drawing by ink on wood is something i did it earlier ,and i enjoyed that technique

You are an absolutely amazing artist.
I love your art, even though this is the first time I have seen your art to tell you the truth, so I really appreciate your small introduction of who you are since I have seen your steemit name but never really knew who you were, until now.
Looking forward to watching your tutorial videos and more of your amazing art.


hi @joalvarez <3 , thank you very much , i'm also happy to meet you , your comment is very kind !!,make me smile and ❤️

Nice work brother nice pictures

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awesome work

also pls visit on my paintings post, hope you like them

really amazing. not having enough words for proper appreciation. u definitely deserve a lot more. hats off to u drawings man. they r too gud. I followed u here on steemit and looking forward for more drawings in future.


@vikasgoel1234 oh thank you so much , :) ❤️


its such a beautiful drawing

This was such a great introduction to you @adelepazanni and so happy we are both new sndboxians together :)

Yes... Steemit is certainly helping a lot of us artists. Make more here than selling my paintings

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Wow, quite amazing. I do like your Tarot artwork.
I wish you lots of success and all the best :)