RE: Who is The GOAT? - A Handmade Costume Creation by Franki Zinke

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Who is The GOAT? - A Handmade Costume Creation by Franki Zinke

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Impressively life like; they are top notch! Do you work from a sketch, or just make what is in your mind? Have you thought about movie props?

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I do a bit of both, working from my mind and sketching~ I like to draw out different angles/ views of a creature I have in mind and then begin the construction. Before I get into designing a character, like the goat, I tend to draw up a whole page of goats from photo/life reference to become comfortable with the anatomy.
I have been inspired by movies like Legend and Pan's Labyrinth, and thought I could see myself creating for a full production at some point in my life, possibly even being a part of writing the story line! I have done a few costumes for theatrical and dance productions- including a 9 foot tall puppet.

You will get there, Keep after it, and maybe produce some videos to get out there. Who knows? Sure looks nice. Now all you need is an actor that is worthy onf the costume. :P