Have you ever had a musical itch? Melodious Piano Beat

in art •  10 months ago

Two weeks ago, I decided to go to work a little later because I had an itch.

Now I'm not talking about any old itch but the kind of itch that doesn't go away until you've attended to it.

I'm a test engineer by day and a musician after hours. My "9-5" does have some form of flexibility as I can
come and go as I please, so long as I work 40 hours per week.
So about two weeks ago, I was woken up by the melodies in my head... piano heavy, string heavy melodies that demanded immediate action.

This is what I call a Music Itch!

It comes in five stages. One (1) being the least intense and five (5) being the most extreme. I was hit with a level five when I created this.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Thanks 🙏🏾

Eyyy.. You started getting busy!! Madd skills!


Thanks bro! I was watching the community and absorbing it all. Just decided to stop watching one day.


Action creates opportunity!

Nice one. Could be used for the cinema. Reminds me also a little bit of Jean Michel Jarre, guess it is the keyboard doing that.


Thanks. Jean Michel Jared, can’t say I’m familiar with his work. Any song suggestions?


Here is one, maybe his most famous work: https://steemit.com/timeless/@qsounds/electronic-music-defined-by-master-jean-michel-jarre French guy, one of the early electronic artists in the world, level of Kraftwerk, but quite different in music approach and style, but inspiration to many of the electronic artists out and about

Good energy and I love the way it builds as well. Makes me wanna run somewhere fast...