What would Salvador Dali do? Latte art.

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Dali's Version.

we are leaking on reddit

Version of:

What would Andy Warhol do?

Check out my new poem and artwork here

Art is a powerful medium, it can express our thoughts and our concerns and make those experiences a sharing ledger. Art is a Block-chain of emotions if you wish. @skapaneas

Good morning all


great idea and really well done! I hope to see more of it :)

Oh, yeah! You DEFINITELY get the upvote for that one! d=O)

Arigato kozaimasu

This TOO???? ! Will you master EVERY art?

I was a professional Barista as a part time job for ever. But that is not my main goal here. I am just doing it for the giggles it triggers to my followers. I was also a professional pastry chef and bakery chef , with an official diploma, food technology and automation was my main education, I just need an art brake in my life. I am after changing professional goals and arts was my main interest since a kid.
If I get bored of that I will start righting for food.

kisses babe.

skapaneas, I'm a part barists. Lots of baristas on steemit.

Must be the name! (full disclosure: I am not a barista, but I do like coffee) :D

Have a good day mate!

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