Red Tape Elementary

in #art2 years ago

This is a project from my portfolio I created years ago. It's about a paranoid society that is obsessed with child safety. It's linked with my experience as a skateboarder and how many people don't seem to understand danger and what not. It's got a lot of images so I'll probably post it in 3 parts.








Great drawings, I love the idea! Resteeming and waiting for the next part. :)

Hell yea! :) Always loved this one.

you're so amazingly creative... <3 i love all the little details that makes the pictures convey your feelings of an oppressive society... <3 the lighting and exaggerated perspectives in the pictures really make the kid look tiny and oppressed in their safety gear.... and even only showing the teacher's legs make them seem gigantic and scary, by comparison! really, really neat

i love this <3

looking forward to the other posts on RED TAPE ELEMENTARY <3333

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Some really great shots here!

The light is so luminous, if that makes any sense. I like seeing all the disparate parts, it gives it such a storyline.

Love the color palette :)

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