Working on the tall man (part 2)

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Yesterday I shared with you the first steps of my new painting about a tall man. It will be a man in 2 different part: the first part is from the head to the half of his body, in the second sheet of paper I'll paint his legs. ^_^

Fortunately the weather during these days is not too hot and so I can work in quiet and relax on this new piece. The idea came to me thinking about the profile picture I watch sometimes  on the social media. Those profile pictures are usually just about the half body and se we can just image what people are wearing on their legs ^_^

At now, I finished to sketch the first part and I have to start to sketch the legs on another sheet of paper. When I'll finish to sketch both of them, I'll work on the background and on some (important) details ^_^

Stay tuned to see the final result!

See ya soon


silvia beneforti

silvia beneforti

I love your student, but more than that, the artwork looks so incredible.

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I was suppose to say your studio.

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hahahah i love how you think, Silvia :D true, we never really get to see the bottom parts of a figure in a lot of profile pictures on social media :D

your tall man is looking really nice so far ! looking forward to see the legs, for sure :D

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You look so happy working in this😊

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