I'm feeling a little obsessed by the sheep ^_^

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Maybe it's the same for you, but in my country we use to say "I have to count the sheep" when we have some problems to sleep. Well, now I can use that sentence in my work on art too!

Yes, I'm working (again) to other paintings about my freaky sheep!

This time I thought it could be a nice idea to paint an entire flock of sheep in the same sheet of paper and this is a pic I took during the work in progress:

In the meantime, I also paint a new black sheep, because a couple of days ago I sold the first one:

This new one is a little bit different from the first one, but I hope it will have a new nice home soon like the other ones ^_^

Well, now I have to finsh the painting about an entire flock, so tomorrow I can show you.

Good night to everyone and see ya soon,


silvia beneforti

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silvia beneforti

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