A (new) freaky white sheep ^_^

in art •  20 days ago 

Happy Tuesday to you all!

This morning, after my first cup of coffee, I started to work on some new tiny freaky sheeps in different shades of colors and so I want to show you the first new one: the freaky white sheep!

It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size and when it will be dryed I'll add it in my online shops.

Yesterday I met one of my friends who said me that he liked so much the tiny sheeps I shared on my profile and so he want to buy some of them to decore the wall of his house on the mountain, so I decided it was time to paint more sheeps of mine ^_^

I hope you like this first new one, stay tuned to see the other new ones too ^_^

See ya soon and steem on,


silvia beneforti

***If you like my artworks, you can find them on my online shops on Artfinder ( https://www.artfinder.com/silviabeneforti#/ ) and on Etsy ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/vumap ).  If you're interested to buy one of my artworks for steem or SBD, you can contact me here or my Homesteaderscoop shop ( https://homesteaderscoop.com/store/vumap/ ) ^_^ ****

silvia beneforti
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Just a random human comment passing by, after seeing that there are 131 upvotes, but no comments at all. I like your freaky white sheep oil painting, but I will not buy one, although besides my 100% upvote, which is worth about $0.01, I also support you for your works and efforts by calling !trdo

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Human comments are always welcome ^_^ Thanks so much for your words and sure, for your support too!

Hi, @silviabeneforti!

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I think that's my cousin! 😍