A freaky village on a freaky sheep ^_^

in #artlast year

Some days ago I shered with you an ink drawing about a village on the body of a sheep and today it was time to work on a oil painting based on that idea!

I started thinking to illustrate a poetic image where a little girl is walking around on a big sheep of mine and so this is the final result:

I'm exercising myself on illustrations and so I need to put more elements on my paintings. I started working on the shape of the sheep with the houses on her body and after I worked adding the tiny girl and a tiny cat on the white street.

I need to work on other similar scenes like this one, but I admit I'm satisfied by the result. ^_^

Now I'm writing this content directly from the bookshop of my friend, because there's no one here and I can enjoy a lot of inspiration from the illustrated books here ^_^

See ya soon and steem on!


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