Rio 2222 A.D. - Original Retrofuturistic Graphic Novel - Main Character Development part 2

in art •  2 years ago


I think the main character will be called Irene, thanks to Tishya's suggestion in my previous post about developing this main character. I feel like I'm settling into a solid look for this character. She does look like an Irene, although Doris wouldn't be bad either. What you guys think? I like either name because it works in portuguese also, and since the story is set in a future Brazil, it makes sense.


I tried to practice some more expressions on her. I still need to draw her a lot to really hone into the style and the specific idiosyncrasies of this character. Stay tuned for more updates on this project. If you have not seen my previous posts, I'm developing a retrofuturistic graphic novel called Rio 2222 A.D. and I'm sharing the process exclusively here in Steemit.


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Yay! Can't wait to see how Irene develops! Are those knitting needles I spot there?