Find a Cool Name for my latest Digital Artwork // 10 Steem Bounty

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Dear friends,

you might have noticed, that I've started to create a #dailyartwork #everyday since the beginning of the year. As I'm having quite a creative run, it's no problem for me to create one artwork a day, but I sometimes struggle to find a good name.


So I decided to offer a bounty of 10 Steem through @steem-bounty for the best suggestions. All you have to do is to comment with your proposal and the bounty will automatically be split based on the votes it receives.


Personally I can see two persons in the picture. The left one looks like wearing an Egyptian or Native American dress.

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The right one could be some kind of magician with a diamond-shaped nose. He or she is wearing a green dress with a purple belt.

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It looks like some wizardry is going on, maybe a magic spell is casted.

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Please propose a title for this artwork and write it in the comments!

It's totally up to you, whether you refer to my observations or not.

By submitting your proposal, you grant me the irrevocable right to use the title for the work of art shown. It will be shared through several social-media channels (like twitter and Instagram) and probably tokenized and sold as part of a rare crypto-artwork.

The bounty will be payed out automatically at the end of the voting period based on the vote weight the comments receive from me and the community.

Thanks in advance for your participation!



First that came into my mind: gundam
Left side is looking like the back side of a smaller mech suit with kind of wings and on the right side is one bulky suit
Man I have to watch gundam again and that's what my brain wants to tell me I think... XD

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Thanks for participating, I like the name 'Gundam', although I'm not much into anime.

It look like a ship in space to me
Megaspace will be right the name to me to me

Good one, thank you!

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A bit late, but this is something I can't let pass ;)
Here you go:

"A Study in Scarlet"

(I started reading the complete Sherlock Holmes this week, it's roundabout 1100 pages, and I'm halfway the first story, titled "A Study in Scarlet", I think it fits your work :)

Looking forward to see what the final title will be!

You're are not late, as the contest goes another 6 days. So, thanks a lot for participating :-) I really like the title, although I can't remember to have read the according Sherlock Holmes story.

Thanks! It's the very first story published, where Watson meets Holmes. I figured if I wanted to read them, better start at the beginning (of 1100 pages, hehe)...

Enjoy! I guess you can get some good inspiration for your Navelspook family in there. I should definitely read a good book more often.

The Magic Cyclops Brothers of Funk

The person on he left made me think of something from The 70ies. And With The Hendrix hair and The giant mustache on The blue guy, made me Think of Gilbert Sheltons The fabulous furry freak brothers, just a tiny bit more colorfull though😋 Prince color and outfit, One eye..... The title practically wrote itself

Thanks a lot for the great title and the detailed explanation. Like it a lot :-)

LSD Diamond

This is what comes to my mind.

Thanks for participating, you submitted this twice, so you can remove one of your comments.

Steem-Bounty had the hiccups ... removed one comment.

Thanks, sh*t happens...!

Hey this is really interesting with the wide array of colors involved! I see two people-like figures in the image and the one on the left almost looks like its shooting something at the other.

So for that reason, I think it should be titled "Battle For The Spectrum"

Wow! Thanks a lot for this detailed proposal! I really like the title ;-)

左邊的蜜蜂俠, 擁有蜜蜂的翅膀, 乃是急速的X超人
右邊的火風超人, 能口吐火旋風, 乃是遠攻能手
title : Caixia wind Knight (attacker/Seal/bee/wind/)
The X bee on the left, with the wings of the bees, is rapid X Superman
The superman on the right, can Blow out wind, he is a distant attacker.
Seal = bee = wind
Knight = Caixia
Gorgeous battle screen is like a colorful glow

Thanks for your proposal! It’s very creative and I really like it!

Rhombus Fantasy.

I see lots of rhombus all around the artwork and I can´t recognise any recognisable shape more complex than that.

Thank you! I like this title :-)

For number one

Cruising on Acid Street

To me it looks like a car cruising into the sunset in Los Angeles :-)

Ahhh! Now I can see it :-)

Right, you got it! Now here is the dashboard ;-)

Yes, that‘s quite amazing!

Thank you :-) The title is great, although I'm still having problems seeing a car in this. But as you are the second one, who proposed something with a car, I guess I will have to get myself some new glasses ;-)

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