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RE: Find a Cool Name for my latest Digital Artwork // 10 Steem Bounty

in #art5 years ago

A bit late, but this is something I can't let pass ;)
Here you go:

"A Study in Scarlet"

(I started reading the complete Sherlock Holmes this week, it's roundabout 1100 pages, and I'm halfway the first story, titled "A Study in Scarlet", I think it fits your work :)

Looking forward to see what the final title will be!


You're are not late, as the contest goes another 6 days. So, thanks a lot for participating :-) I really like the title, although I can't remember to have read the according Sherlock Holmes story.

Thanks! It's the very first story published, where Watson meets Holmes. I figured if I wanted to read them, better start at the beginning (of 1100 pages, hehe)...

Enjoy! I guess you can get some good inspiration for your Navelspook family in there. I should definitely read a good book more often.

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