Today, the picture drawn in its own hands

in #art2 years ago

Rhymes or poems,
I love reading sometimes
Story of fairy tales
Favorite artists song
The mind is awake with ignorance
Two of a pull.
Occasionally on the roof
Walking overnight,
Chupchyare with myself
Talk to yourself!
Seeing loneliness
People are crazy,
Whoever wants to,
What comes to me
Occasionally heavy rain
Likes to wet,
Jyotsna night to see the moon
It feels very good.
In the morning during the holidays
I'm late,
Happy with everyone's happiness,
All of us are sad
I am in trouble
Harina Manobal,
No matter how hard to suffer
The harder the stronger.
Many of them are very much
Left away,
They're always talking about them
Remember me


ohh really, you drawing this art?

Many thanks for giving me support

i ask you, is it drawing are you?

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