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Here's three recent art posts I've enjoyed. More info on why I'm doing this in my not-yet-written #introduceyourself post.

In the meantime, just know that I'm doing this to both improve my life by learning to better appreciate art and to encourage good visual art here by promoting my 3 recent favorite pieces and sponsoring one of them for a share in #steembasicincome.

Daily Drawings: Albirdo

by @azbeen


My comment

Albirdo definitely has a fun story. I'm echoing the other sentiments that this could be the illustration for a very fun book.

Secora's Daily Drawings: Self portrait

by @secora

My comment

Just an all-around lovely caricature. Bonus points for doing it as a self portrait.


by @allangraves


My comment

This is a really great rendition that gives me all sorts of nostalgia. Nice work with the texturing and color choices to make it feel like it came right out of the comic.

And the favorite is...

Whimsy and skill combine in @azbeen's latest piece to illustrate a fun little story.


thanks for the support! :)

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