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Hi Folks!

Aaaand we're back :D <3 ! We didn't get as large a buffer as we would like, but having about 4 pages stocked ahead of time does give us some breathing room for the upcoming festivities and season.
We're really excited to get this part of the story going since the course of events starts to pick up the pace. More importantly, we get to introduce a good chunk of the cast... and there is Theo ;D We'll be seeing him very soon~


Enough jabber, let us look at the history of this page:


Starting pages tend to take a little more time, mainly to figure out how to best depict the course of events and to clue in the reader as to what has happened off page. We got to introduce Gild properly in this scene [we saw his hulking mass at the end of Chapter 1] and since @painted-bees did his design on the fly, I didn't have a clear idea as to what he was going to look like XD


Here I get to figure out what palette we're going to be using for the next 3 pages. Since it's nighttime, the choices were pretty obvious. I wanted there to be a full moon, to act as a decent light source. It also turned out to be a perfect framing element for Gild's intro shot :3! I also got to include a buffalo cart, which makes me happy~


Since we were going at high speed, I didn't get a chance to screenshot @painted-bees working on the flats - _- ~ She went straight onto lighting before I had the chance. How sneaky shifty eyes


And here we are!
A new chapter, and some new folks to learn about :D !
Be seeign you wonderful folks next week!!



Great work, @seanbon! Lovely characters and I enjoy the foggy atmosphere a lot!

Thank you :D !!!

Wow another story of yours @seanbon. You guys getting better and better. Have you decide to draw something related to Christmas since christmas is coming and i in christmas mood now. hehe

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Heheh, thank you !!
Maybe if I get some more free time I will post up a festive piece ;D

hehe..Thank you!! Love to see your comic, can‘t wait to see the creativity of it

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Just wanted to say that this is fantastic! I've read a lot of webcomics in my day, and this has to be in the top ten (and certainly above that visually)!

Thank you for such uplifting words :D !
Here's hoping you will enjoy the rest of the story :3c !

Love this, @seanbon !!! Gild is revealed ! WOWOW! What an exciting new character :D

I also really like the dialog ! Something's afoot between the old woman and Gild, for sure !!!

Amazing page ! I am arrested ! Please more, Sean ! M O R E ~~~~

Thank you so much ; w; <3!!!
There WILL be M O R E 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜~~~~~~~

Hi seanbon,

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Awesome & Thank You :D !

You guys are back!! Oo theo is quite a hunk hehe. Love seeing your process in creating the characters and story. Thank you!!

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Thank you for welcoming us back :D <3!!

Oh wait.. Gild is the hunk. Sorry, wrong number, not Theo yet. Haha. You guys should really make this into a movie or something. Seriously.

The first page of a new chapter!! Nice :D!
The lighting in this page is pretty nice, I like that it conveys the light that goes through the fence and also the night setting. The story is chugging along nicely as well :D.
Congrats for your curie vote, Sean ^_^.

Thank you~~~ :D !!!
I was very proud of the colours for this one~
The lighting turned out beautifully thanks to Bees :3c!
She did an awesome job deciphering my rough layout XD <3
Can't wait to show more story >:U <3!

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