Just a Perfect Day #6 - Visit to Louvre-Lens Museum

in art •  7 months ago

This weekend, the perfect weather conditions accidentally occurred here, in the north of France!

So I decided to take advantage of this rare event and visit the Louvre-Lens museum, located in a small town of Lens here in the far north of France.

You might be wondering - wait, there is one and only, the most famous of all Louvre Museum, located in Paris, how come this one is also named "Louvre"?

Because of the criticism that Paris represents the center of French culture and art, French Ministry of Culture decided to make cultural values available to people living outside of Paris. This is how the idea of making a "Louvre satellite museum" was born, which will contain some of the collections of the original Louvre museum. The only region of France who actually applied was Nord-Pas-de-Calais - north of France, and in 2004 Lens was selected by the French Prime Minister as the city in which museum will be built.

The museum

First impression when you arrive at the spot is the building itself - beautiful, extremely modern looking glass construction, which I though it was amazing because it represents a complete contrast to epochal range of exhibitions displayed inside.


Louvre-Lens Museum from the outside by George Hodan, Public Domain

La Galerie du temps

This gallery can be considered as the heart of the museum, spreading over the 3000 m2 and containing more than 200 masterpieces lent by the museum of Louvre.

DSC03640 small.jpg

La Galerie du temps

The collections contained within this gallery are divided according to epochal chronology:

  • Antiquity

  • Middle Ages

  • Modern times

Personally I found the antiquity art the most interesting in this museum, so I will share photos of several masterpieces from that epoch here, with short descriptions.


The invention of writing in the East around 3500 BC can be considered as the beginning of the antiquity period, and fall of the Roman Empire in the West in 476 AD marks the end of it.

The collections in Louvre are focused on three contemporary centers of ancient civilization - Near East, Egypt and Mediterranean basin.

In the 4th millennium BC writing and political organization into city states emerged in Mesopotamia. During the 2nd and 1st millennia large empires developed - the Egypt of the Middle and New Kingdoms, Babylon, the Assyrian and Persian Empire. The Persians unified the Near East, integrating Egypt and and part of the Greek world. Unification of the three civilizations continued with the conquests of Alexander The Great (336-323 BC). Finally, the establishment of great Roman Empire (27 BC - AD 476) created a common civilization, linking Europe to North Africa and the Near East.

20180505_140149 ps.jpg

Offering bearer

Around 1950 BC

Assiut, Egypt

The figure represents the young woman carrying a basket of offerings on her head and a duck in her right hand. For each servant that the deceased had during his life, one figure of the servant must be placed in his tomb for afterlife.


Sarcophagus of Lady Tanetmit: mummy case, inner and outer coffins

Around 945-715 BC

Thebes, Egypt

Lady Tanetmit was a priestess of the god Amon-Re at Thebes.


Troop of funeral servants (oushebtis) registered in the name of Neferibreheb

Around 500 BC

Memphis, Egypt

The funeral servants (oushebtis in Egyptian) are small statuettes depicting a character, standing, usually wrapped up in strips, whose crossed arms grab various instruments or attributes. A text written on the servant usually describes the name and titles of its owner, and specifies the function of the figure to perform in the afterlife, instead of the deceased.


Vase (crater) depicting musical contest between the god Apollo and the satyr Marsyas

Around 380 BC

Lucania (current Italy)

Classical Greece period spanned the 5th and the 4th centuries BC, and during this period of Athenian hegemony an art school developed that attracted the artists from all over the Greek world. The so-called "red-figure" pottery technique is an invention of the workshops of the Athens region around 530 BC, and it was transferred to southern Italy.


Relief representing Mithra, Iranian god of the Sun, sacrificing the bull

Around 100 - 200 AD

Rome, Italy

The god Mithra wears the Phrygian cap and the Iranian trousers, which emphasize his oriental origin. The first traces of his worship are attested in Rome at the very end of the 1st century AD. He is celebrated on 25th of December; this is the date chosen by Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ in the 4th century.


Hermaphroditus, son of Hermes and Aphrodite, who became a dual being after his union with the nymph Salmacis

Around 130-150 AD

In Greek mythology, Hermaphrodite is the son of the god Hermes and the goddess Aphrodite. The nymph Salmacis, who fell in love with the handsome young man who rejected her, convinced the god Zeus to unite their bodies for the eternity.


Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor

Around 160 AD

Rome, Italy

The representation of the emperor giving a speech to the soldiers of his army originates from a type of statue of Augustus of Prima Porta (27 BC - 14 AD), which is preserved in the Vatican Museums. Like his predecessor, Marcus Aurelius wears the breastplate of the imperator.


Sarcophagus - musical contest between the god Apollo and the satyr Marsyas

Around 290-300 AD

Cosa, Italy

The torture of Marsyas is represented at the right end of the sarcophagus. Suspended from a pine by a slave wearing a short tunic (exomid) and a conical cap (pileus), he is about to be flayed with the knife another slave is sharpening.


Venus and Cupid on a Sea Monster

Around 200 - 300 AD


The marine monster at the foot of Venus represents a birth of the goddess, who is born from the foam of the waves.

Hope you have enjoyed these masterpieces as much as I did during my visit (of course, these should be admired in the museum, not in the photos!).

Since I know that @zest would be very interested in seeing this post, as someone who is very much into archaeology and art, I'm tagging him so he doesn't miss it ;)



Louvre Lens


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We have one here in Cebu, called Museo Sugbo. It used to be a prison. The museum shows the very rich culture of my people long before we were colonized by the Spanish people and converted to Catholics. I love it there.



Thank you very much for sharing this!

I would love to visit Philippines some day and get to know its history and culture.


And I'll be the willing tour guide ;)


Yaaah, willingly right,?

I was planning to go to the one in Paris with the big boy, to visit mainly the Egyptian + Greece/Rome sections (enough for a day for a boy). But still not done it. The one in Lens is on my list, but for a further future. I am however definitely attracted :)


@zest and I are planning a visit to Louvre in Paris, so maybe we could organize something :)


Just let me know when you are around! This is the city where I work ;)

I am also a bit jealous like the rest here, I hope someday I will visit the Louvre for myself :) Is there also a exebithion of prehistory?


Not in this satellite Louvre, maybe in the Louvre of Paris, will tell you if I visit :)

You actually need 3 days to visit Louvre :D
I only took 2 of those and I still left with things unseen.
I am also passionate about history and archaeology wise, that place is a gold mine. That and the museum in Athens.
On a (little) sidenote though, the formatting threw me off in places.
And what about the signature, is that drawing made by you?


So I decided to take advantage of this rare event and visit the Louvre-Lens museum, located in a small town of Lens here in the far north of France.

I have visited Louvre-Lens Museum, for which one day is more than enough ;)

Thanks for pointing out to formatting, everything was fine during the preview, and then - disaster!

Hope that it's better now.

The drawing was made by incredible talented @atopy :)

Hello @scienceangel,

These photos are incredible! Well, from now on you ought to share your adventures here with us. Then, we can learn even more from you, and also get to see your 'photographic talent'. I loved learning about this "other" Louvre museum in France :)

Thank you for sharing this with us!


Thank you @abigail-dantes for stopping by and for your kind words!

I'll try to find other interesting places I could share with all of you here :)

This museum was a great idea!
I lived in Paris, and I had the pleasure of enjoying all these museums.
In the province the choice is very limited, and everyone can not allow this to make the trip to the capital.
I have a preference for ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages.
Resteem very interesting thank you

Hi @scienceangel!!!!!
Thank you so much for tagging me, I truly truly appreciate it!!
I am firstly so jealous that you have the opportunity to see and experience the amazing beauty and rarity of the items above. I must have looked at each image a min of 5x. The craftsmanship of the past always leaves me with a feeling total awe.
This would also be my "Just a perfect day"
Thank you for sharing the brilliant images.
Remember we going Louvre together;)


Thank you @zest, I'll start preparing for Louvre visit then ;)

So beautiful. I love everything about this museum, the building is awesome and even the interior. What a beautiful place, how I wish I can visit the place. Thanks for sharing.

Looks like that you had a great time. Amazing insight also:) you can join us in teamserbia in discord channel, if you didnt already :)

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"

Wow, just wow. It's so beautiful there. I felt so excited just imagining being there.

my favorite would be the Troop of funeral servants .

Thanks for sharing these!
Is there other more interesting museum near you?


Yes, several actually:

Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille

La Piscine Museum

And for those who appreciate modern, contemporary and outsider Art: Musee d'Art Moderne

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