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Well its about time I paid a tiny homage...


I know its very rough around the edges, and a bit plain, but this was the point I got to before my phone app froze and deleted the whole thing! Luckily I had saved progress.

Gif process

After nice encouragements on my last post, and from the Vache himself about a JuJu gif I had started, I felt like making a little something in honor of two of the Cooly-est Cats in Steemtown, @vachemorte and @juliakponsford who make many incredible creations individually, and together. The 'JuJu Gum' sensation which rippled across the platform has still not yet left our bloodstreems.

I had THIS idea, and made some concept art :p

I downloaded a JuJu gif from this post, and then spent a little while taking screen shots.

Eventually I got the bottom half I wanted-

And the top half-

Stitched them together and began tracing lines.


Added some basic colours

...and then lost all progress on the app!

I don't feel finished with this piece, I want to add colours and crazy textures to the background and to her skirt & bow... I am super busy at the moment, I just thought I should share it so far. I would like to try making a more extravagent and refined gif of this mid-air moment of JuJu magic!


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HAHHAHA this so great. I am like a tyrannical dictator .... almost forced you to do this :P Thank you this is great!!!!! Check this out @juliakponsford

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Yay this is so cool, thankyou! :-D

haha love it

That is cool :)

Did you use the app to add colours and animate it? What app did you use?


  ·  last year (edited)

Hey, yes I used an app called 'Animator' which allows you to use a dropper function tool so you can dropper the existing colour of the background image, and bucket fill between the lines. Its a very basic app (and has that 'picsart' hallmark) but worth a try for basic gifs. Its a cool thing to have on your phone for when you're feeling inspired, or just bored!


Awesome. Thank you! Much appreciated the detailed response :)