Pharesim monster

in art •  last year

Today I give you the first ever monster given as a gift to another user!

This monster was designed and purchased by @nelyp for her pal @pharesim
Most of the details and visual concept were her idea



Most of you know @pharesim at this point
He is the monster whale who greets everyone with a vote
I mean everyone
Maybe it is because he is a friendly whale who loves helping minnows
Maybe it is his way of "witnessing" them
One thing is sure, he spreads his wealth to every corner of the ocean

you might be asking
Is he a whale?
or a monster??


kind of

Like some other monsters he has special powers that allow him to shape shift similar to his friend @m31
His favorite form is a whale of course
The only problem is that the transformation takes about 13 weeks to complete
This leaves for some awkward in between phases pictured above, as a whale with arms
not to be confused with a mermaid
well... hes kind of a mer-monster...or mer-whale

monster footer.jpg

Don't forget to vote @pharesim as witness, he does a ton for this platform, you probably use some of his tools and don't even know it

Bonus avatar for chat

because Santa hats are required


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Thank you @saywha! 💙😘
Steemians, if you ever need a monster, this guy is definitely the most appropriate person for this task, this monster is exactly what I asked him to draw.

Aww! Lol. I especially love the red eyes, makes @pharesim look even more fierce ^^ Muhaha!


The red eyes are an inevitable consequence... 😝

Thanks @pharesim to keep helping the community, i got alot of upvotes from you

Don"t mind for a good cause

i am a simple man, i have seen you upvoting my recent posts,so i voted you witness @pharesim still have 29 left though :P

@saywha It's absolutely true! He helps everyone!
@pharesim We love you!

It's a great initiative. Keep up the great work

The name rings a bell and I'm sure I've seen him upvote my content.

oh wow, santa hat included :P

I have never seen a whale looking before. I like :D

Haha nicely drawn man!

A big Thanks to you..

He is a great asset for sure and that is really cute!

I love the creative story and artistry! Had whale of a time. You had me smokin you monster! Thanks for making my night!

Haha cool stuff man! Love it :)
@pharesim is the best whale ever! merry x mas!

Whales should not smoke! :)

That whale looks sketchy as hell, lol. I love the design though, man! Hope he likes it, bud!

Also, that mer-monster comment made this pop into my head.

I'd say it's a monstrous and powerful whale

Is there a way to get noticed? I didnt get any monster votes yet :(

Great art with great thinking

Lol monster was kinda scaring but. That's really a description. Nice work


You've got a pretty nice color picture of your picture

Amazing and good job

hahaha this is so dope!!!!!..... man it's like you were in my brain with that whale and cig at the end... i think this is my fav so far hahahaha

Merry Christmas for all of you. May many blisses and joyful you get in greatest holiday

Awesome ~

Haha nice one @saywha! The transformation takes about 13 weeks... lol

Wishing all of you a joyous Christmas. A little smile, a word of cheer a bit of love a little gift from one held dear, best wishes for coming year.

@pharesim deserves a gold star for the work he's doing :) It helps newbies like me feel like we can be a part of the community. It's quite daunting at the beginning looking at all the whale votes flying in some very specific (and not our) direction, this let's us know it's possible.