Nelyp Unicorn Monster!

in #art5 years ago (edited)

@nelyp is Unicorn monster.

Aka. Uni-Monster
Aka. Monstercorn
Aka Unimonstacorn


Nelyp is unique in the way that she is part unicorn
Her horn has crazy magical properties
It can shoot glitter, and rainbows
Where does the glitter come from?
She is literally full of it
It is her life force
It has the ability to make anyone laugh in spanish


although you can't speak anything else in spanish

You can find her jajaja'ing in various discords and channels.
Unicorn land anyone?

monster footer.jpg

P.S. She was done completely in watercolors, the first monster to be totally painted. This was a big deal for me as I have never been a huge user of watercolor, but I am determined to learn to use them well and am quite pleased with how she turned out!


Aaawwww thank you @saywha! Love it!!! =)

I'm actually going to be posting some video tutorials for watercolor soon (like within the next week or so); watercolor is great! and really fun and you can do a lot of different styles with it. I really like what you did with this one here :)

awesome! i will have to check it out! i posted a second watercolor as well 😁

I think in turned out lovely and definitely has some of Nely in there. Especially enjoyed the Jajaja part. It is so cute :)

Nice one! Would be a natural fit for the Slothicorn Art contest, you know. I admire your Spanish sense of jumor!

I was about to ask if this was a watercolor painting. It came out great, dude! You should consider offering painting as an option in addition to doing sketches for when you do artwork for Steemians in the future :)

Also, I know Jajaja is a Spanish thing but I can't help but always read it in a french accent in my head, lol.

I have another monster in watercolor coming tomorrow for probably my favorite artist on steemit :)

Oh, rad! Looking forward to seeing it then, bro!

It's so fluffy! I love it :3
Resteemed ^-^
I'm terrible with watercolors :S Probably hardest medium to draw with

I agree. Thats why I avoided them so long!

I freakin' love watercolor. You ever done those watercolor universe things? Check em out on YT if you haven't yet. Super easy to do and beautiful!

~ Kevin

Nope! just now venturing into the world of watercolor. I'll have to check it out!

Unimonstacorn is the name to claim. Awesome post! and thanks again for all your support I have been gone for a while and It helps motivate to get me back in the ring.

Rock on!!!!

of course man. What you do is super fun :D

Next one is out would love some feedback! thanks again @saywha

Hehe nice one man! Like the new style!

Is there a waiting list or anything to request a monster?

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