Win This Crypto Survival Kit in Slothicorn's First Art Contest!

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Slothicorn (half sloth, half unicorn, all magic) is having its very first art contest with 24 winners!

DEADLINE: December 23, 2017

Become a part of Slothicorn history! All you have to do is create your own slothicorn.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to submit their own slothicorn into this contest. Just combine any sloth with any unicorn and submit it with our rules below. 24 winning entries will be chosen.

Kids can enter also. Limit 3 entries per account. Any art form is acceptable: drawing, painting, animation, video, textile, computer graphics, line art, environmental art, laser art, 3-D art, etc. The only requirement is that is your original creation.


1st Place Winner will receive An Official Slothicorn Crypto Survival Kit.
Kit includes:

1 Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet
1 USB flash drive
1 U2F Yubikey

24 Winning entries will be printed in this tinybook and each book will be mailed to the 24 winners. The book will contain all 24 winning entries:




Here are two examples:



Submit a Blog Post on Steemit


Add the Creative Commons license at the end of your post.

Here’s the license and the wording you need to use.



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Add these tags to your post: slothicorn slothicorncontest creativecommons cryptoart


Not sure what Slothicorn is?

Slothicorn is a Creative Commons community that specializes in crypto art. Slothicorn belongs to everyone and to no one.

If you’re new to Slothicorn, read about it here:

We will be rewarding crypto art* that has the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. In order to simplify this for everyone, we have settled on one license for all submissions. We feel that it will make it easier for people to understand. This CC license allows anyone to use the art for any purpose, including commercial as long as they give proper attribution.

Before you enter the contest, we need to make sure you understand how the Creative Commons license works. Slothicorn submissions will use the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which allows others to use your art for any purpose, even commercial, as long as they attribute you as the creator. Read more details about the Creative Commons 4.0 International License here:

If you are uncomfortable with your Slothicorn logo you create to be used/remixed/shared/copied by others and to be included in our Creative Commons library, then do not enter this contest.

Slothicorn has a different solution to the copyright/money problem, and that’s why we exist. We are here to reward crypto artists who use the Creative Commons license.

We are focused on a niche and emerging art movement: crypto art.

Many of you may not know what crypto art is. Here are some examples:

Art that mixes puzzles, cryptography with a certain type of cryptocurrency: Coin_artist
Comics that cover the theme of Bitcoin, scaling wars.
Crypto collectibles that explore mixing smart contracts with art collecting: CryptoKitties (CryptoKitties is actually closed source and not part of Creative Commons)
New games that exist on blockchains
Art that contains themes from any cryptocurrency coin
Art that expresses blockchain, decentralization, end of fiat, Crypto Celebs, etc.

So the type of art is not important, but the subject is. Please don’t send us a crappy drawing of a vase with flowers in it. That’s not what we’re looking for. Now if you turned each petal into a different crypto coin, then we might be interested.

Follow the official @slothicorn account on Steemit.

If you’re ready to dive into the Slothicorn world, join our official Discord Server:

You can pimp your Slothicorn art submission in the #contests channel in Discord.

In the Slothicorn Discord Server, we even have a #cryptokitties channel for all the CryptoKitties addicts out there. Many of us have cryptokitties and we’re very interested in developing our own virtual chimera collectible games on a functional blockchain.

Follow us on Twitter, too:



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Aww This is a amazing contest!

slothicorn says thanks


Thank you! :)

Please refer to this Sample Entry for the Slothicorn Art Contest:

upvoted for visibility.

Upvoted for fabulousness

slothicorn says thanks

Last minute : NASA catch the first video of a Slothicorn !

ehmm....your sloth seems to be retarded.

I would be you , I would be more respectful because an angry slothicorn can be very aggressive.

ok...sorry holly unilordness. Your SlothyRedPandaCorn is glorious :D

oh i am so excited about this contest! I was thinking about buying ledger for a month and now I found this and hope for magic :D lot of fun! here is my entry :)

This is a wonderful contest! My kids love arts and crafts. We'll try to join. Wish us goodluck!

Girl, you seriously rock!

It's my favourite one!!! sweeeet! Good luck! Klaudia :)

Aww thank you Klaudia!

Voila! Here's an official entry for Slothicorn's First Art Contest.

As I struggle to create my hybrid I gotta say I love this - great job fella ;0 xox

:) Thank you! Whole lotta fun making this one.

Good one Cabe! Super cute.

Yo Cabe you got the classic emoji nailed down. bravo.

Too cute!

Slothicorn hum? Ladies and Gentlemen I give you "Squidicorn" - an epic fail if ever there were one :) Well it made me larf! xox (Back to the drawing board I slink).

yeah, add a sloth!

Good post sir Thanks for sharing

good post again.thanks to sharing it with us.

Good post again.Thanks to share.

Here is my 1st Entry: My next two entries will be by my two daughters (ages 10 & 17). We are each doing one. :)

nice job! :)

Thanks! :)

I snuck in with seven minutes to spare. Thanks again for this contest. I've been dreaming about taking the time to take part since you announced it and I'm kind of amazed I got something in <3

New to this whole crypto cosmos but this sounds very exciting as a concept and I will see what I can come up with. Thanks for caring team xox

I am so excited to join this!

Saya sangat menyukai postingan anda. Follow me @tjunaidi

Oh yes!
This must have been created exactly for me!
I am officially a sloth and non officially unicorn :D
And your message Totally resonates with me !
Count with me :D

ok i look forward to what you will create!

How do choose a winner? Live?

You are doing a good job on steemit, my good friend. You are just too much.

This will be fun!

Love this creative contest! Lets see if I can create a #Slothicorn!

go for it!

that's clever!

I am excited about this. I cant wait to see how big it turns out to.

glad I finally came across this....i'm gonna have to think of something...

great post thanks for sharing

This is so exciting. Our whole family is psyched. We were just talking about your Dash art contest yesterday. Or more specifically, the bacon wallet prize.
Great fun initiative. Resteemed and excited!

So glad to have people who remember the bacon wallet prize for Dash! That was so fun, and gave me the courage to do this art, creative commons crypto art movement in a big way...I can't wait to see your final designs...please add the tag, 'slothicorn' to your artwork, even the sketches bc i couldn't find your art, i only barely found it.

It wasn't designed to be found. But thank you for your kind words. I have changed it. The goonies post was my husband. He is very pleased with himself

Just found out about this contest, hpefully i'll be able to submit a slothicorn in time!

Hopefully I have learn about Slothicorn in time, here ismy entry _20171215_144902.JPG


This is my second entry. Since it is also about Cryptoart, I figure might as well make a 256 pixel Glyph from Will gladly give it for the contest too!)
I'm just glad of all the discoveries of this magical world that i'm learning! Thanks for viewving!

Awesome contest, and an amazing movement! Good luck everyone, can't wait to see all the wacky slothicorns!

Another good contest! Congratulations. I'm curious to see the drawings in the contest.
Upvoted and resteemed. Do you want to know why? Visit @pf-coin.

Aww This is a amazing contest!

Would love to join. Im so excited to have one of those mini books. huhuhh. I am still at lost how to make the license though.

you just copy the text and add the image like above.

Thank you for enlightening me. 💃

I love this!! I will try! n.n and @overkillcoin should join the party! Also @perennial should tell his kids xD!!

So can I submit my sons drawing as long as he agrees to the creative commons license?

Yes you can! Just please follow the rules.

You must add the Creative Commons License as shown above to your entry.

You're very creative. Okay it's my first time to try so good luck to me.

Hello @stellabelle! Thank you for your wonderful initiative and taking efforts to make Steemit a better place! I wanted to show my support your work and decided to join your contest! This is my contest post: and here's my entry :)
6.jpg All the best, Klaudia :)

Good evening, here I leave my first entry, I hope you like it ;)

My first entry.thank you very much for the contest

Creating this special themed art under the creative commons license looks like a very interesting concept. Sort of steem/dieselpunk 2.0

Just came accross the concept and will definitely take a closer look. Hope I'll have a good idea to participate in the contest!

yes, it's something i feel needs to be done. Cryptos are all open source, so art should be too! That's my philosophy for this new world...

Very nice!

Excellent contest. Thanks to such competitions, you make Steemit the best. Thank you for that. I will try to take part ... Thank you for this opportunity.

Here is my entry, took me some time to get this done... Thank you!


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Heres my entry please check thanks :)


Thanks @stellabelle for another medium to excersice talent and to get rewards in the process.
Your effort is fully appreciated