Stardate 8.4.18 Art$

in art •  6 months ago

neurons firing

laying a foundation

we're so close to something better I can taste it

make money make love

current heart beat

beat measured in USD SBD BTC

this is a real pump, currency heart rhythm

60 a minute rate

make money make love

make money make love

make money make love

real value(s) will shift the tide

and the new economy will wash over the earth

and humans will wonder why they ever played that money was the root of all evil

yet sold their life force energy to it

value created

value gifted

freely given so why do we fake a cost to receive?

abundance in, scarcity out 

a few thoughts in utilitarian service to generate sparks

then I'll go back to silver and gold

in love in awe in gratitude in triumph

redefine money

redefine love

how do we quantify prana power 



and heartbeats

💛 Sara! 

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Mostly heartbeats..

You know I am very emotional guy... before reading this post I was thinking should I mute that woman (for not answering and not really counter voting).. then I read this post and thought I love it.. heartbeats are the biggest currency .. love from cph denmark.. Lasse


Good day to you, Lasse! How nice for you to give it another shot to share your heart space heart beat with me 💛


Happy to hear from you <3

And thank you for being awesome... heartbeat.