Stardate 8.12.18 Art

in art •  3 months ago

It's Sunday again

patterns repeating

guessing this one won't be as weird as last week

although you never know in this vortex

things change quite suddenly

distractions and challenges 

come out of the woodwork

stay the course

eyes on the prize


I think I have a solid future in wallpaper design 

if this crypto thing doesn't work out


💛 Sara! 

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Hahahaha---you have a solid future, no matter what, @saramiller! We could open a wallpaper design business together, then we'll FINALLY be able to put our talents to work and be happy! LOL

Thank goodness for the @gardenofeden, where all things are possible, even considering such a business plan! What more could we possibly ask for? I'm just super grateful you did not become a dentist!!

Great art---love love love the way you express yourself.


Thank you @everlove ✨💛✨

Did you use the golden ratio to make the pattern repeat

Nice sketching and wonderful art...
Specially art concept is perfect of this kinds of artwork

Well done publishing Dear dear, Very nice drawing, very beautiful, my friend

a good work of art, friend.
Have a nice day

Excellent employer, I liked it a lot. Good art

Its marvellous @saramiller ! You got gifted talent on this art! Take care of it!

Good work..Outstanding art! Totally different. Basically art concept is very perfect of this kinds of artwork. I appreciate it.

This is amazing! ^__^