Inner self (print)

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Inner self

You probably saw this drawing in an earlier post about someone who stole my art (was even on magazine cover) saying it was made by him or did redraw it. I don't want to waste my time now on the topic but make a post about it and promote the print.

I created the drawing in 2014 with pencils on paper. The reason this artwork was created was to make a face with faces. I already draw zillions of faces or faces in faces but not one centered face. I wanted to create a smile which is what people see from the outside. But if you look longer you would see more. Just like in life when we meet people you see the outside and isn't always what is really going on.

I found an in progress photo of the artwork so maybe you're interested in seeing it.



I released the print a while ago but never really promoted it much.
It's a high quality (signed) art print on 240gsm natural white archival paper with archival inks.

Below are pictures of the print:


The print is also still on display at


You can contact me on discord (SanderJansenArt#8822 ) or use the form on my website

You can find more prints, sizes and prices here:



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Hehe, looks very cool! :)


Thank you :)

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Thank you very much!

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I love this one a lot ! It is very charming how you have captured the title of the piece into a beautifully emotive picture <3 All the little creatures with their little face, and ALL we can see at first with the large smiling face !! Gorgeous composition <3 You really nailed the technique of guiding the eye towards flow and forms and only upon settling your eyes on the piece, you can make out the individual detailing of all the things that make our 'inner self' !

Wonderful <3


Thank you so much for your great comment @veryspider! Hug :)

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