Pencil Drawing - Taupo Bay, New Zealand

in #art4 years ago

I've just finished this pencil sketch of Taupo Bay in Northland, New Zealand. This is the first time I have ever tried this type of sketching process. ⁣

I sketched this view of the cliffs at Taupo Bay on grey paper. I have drawn the majority of this pencil rendering using graphite pencils, however I used a white pastel pencil for the highlights on the waves, sky and the stream in the foreground. I also used Mar Lumograph black pencils for my darkest values in the foreground rocks. I'm really happy with the results.⁣

I'm going to use my Taupo Bay drawing as a reference sketch for a painting of this beautiful location. Stay tuned....⁣


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It looks really great

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Oh it's you. Of course it would be a pencil drawing and not a black and white photo like my brain initially registered XP

I think one of us needs to recheck their definition of a sketch ;D

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