Oil Painting - Autumn Greens, Northland

in #art4 months ago

Super fun afternoon painting outdoors in this beautiful autumn weather we are having. I just love painting these rolling green fields in Northland, New Zealand. It’s so good to be getting back into plein air painting again.

‘Autumn Greens, Northland, 8” x 10”, oil on linen panel, painted en plein air.

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Beautiful landscape painting. I'm going to check your website to see more of your work of art. Also, your video tutorials on YouTube and Odysee might be something to look into, as I do have some interest to try and start painting myself.

Thanks. Yeah check out my website and YouTube / Odysee channels, I have loads of free painting resources to get you started 😊

Looks like another sunny day in the Winterless North

Yeah it's beautiful up here. This was from 2 weeks ago, it feels like winter today, even here in Northland 😂

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Still a fan of your landscapes... Love all of them. In fact wish I could be there and visit... You are very able at getting the feel and aura of the places that you paint.
I do follow you on you tube and your site, but I get scraps from the government being 66 and my art really never flew, so I just post to share what I have done. I would love to see your art up close,but I live in alabama, so this will do. I think you are a very creative and pleasant person. I love to hear your videos. I been gone from Steemit for 4 years but have now come back for the adventure of seeing things you can see no where else. I just want to upvote so much but I am starting from the bottom up again and can't afford to fund my account. So be patient my voting and sp is limited but I am here to back you when I can.