INKTOBER - RIDE - My day 28 sketch

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Hello Friends.
For today's Inktober sketch, I decided to make a sketch of a mother pig and her young ones. This is a hilarious sketch and I hope if fits fully for the day's theme "Ride". Here are the stages involved in making the sketch.

  1. Sketch with a HB pencil

  1. Using my blue pen to trace out my sketch

  1. Shading the sketch

And here is the final result.

Thanks for checking this out guys. I hope this sketch made you smile somehow. Do stop by for my next post tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your day.

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It looks very funny :D
I just discovered your account and work, i subscribed. :)

Thank you. I checked you art too. You're amazing.

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Hahaha the face on that bottom piggy :P

Hahaha... she's strong

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Good art

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Thank you

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This is great! For some reason it reminds me of "We Bare Bears" even though these are pigs. It's probably because this is how the bears travel around lol

Thank you. Yea, I can relate😄

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