'Tentacle lady'

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Happy new year steemers!

I saw this social media entry by a really great artist I follow (I'll add her name next time, just out my head a moment) and she was doing this great new year proposal for herself of one artwork a day for the month of January. A way of encouraging herself to make time for her love of art. I thought wow! What a flip nice idea! But sadly so impractical and impossible for me. What I need to be is a retired lady who can art all day long. Mmmm.

I've completed another ocean themed artwork. I'm hoping to complete a series. That will be interesting. It's always such a process though trying to decide what to paint next. This tentacle lady took such a long time and I was having some health issues along the way. But I thought she came out alright. I like her. I haven't found a competition to enter her into yet. I enjoyed entering with Mr whale.

I've shown my process pictures again so everyone can see how I do my work should they be interested. I use micron ink pens.

So here's a couple of questions :
Suggestions for my next picture?
Any suggested comps?

Thanks fellow Steemians

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nice one @saltyseagull, you made an octopus looks so pretty here..
have you draw any seahorse before?


Thanks. Not done a seahorse before. Interesting suggestion. Thank you

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you are most welcome and I hope to see the seahorse in your version too.
by the way, I featured you in the pay it forward contest this week. check on this link if you have time https://steemit.com/payitforward/@cicisaja/pay-it-forward-curation-contest-week-39-happy-new-year

It is like the big brother of "Calamardo" the octopus in Sponge Bob

you could do a nautilaus squid cuttlefish and argonaut they are all cephalopods and would be a cool collection nice octopus though
cheers and happy new year


Thanks. Yes, I've been particularly keen on the naitilaus and have been doing some research on it. Thanks for all your great suggestions.

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Yeah that was actually a resplendent idea...quite amazed to see your drawing process....obviously I'm not even close to it...But hope I'll get better by time....a trillion good lucks for your next sessions...:):)...would really appreciate any advice on drawing..<3..have a beautiful day...

your work is beautiful, I congratulate you.


Thank you

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You are very talented. I enjoyed your artwork. Since you looking for suggestions, how about a turtle.

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Thanks. Ah, turtles. Love those animals! Thank you.

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It's a great idea to try to complete a project a month. I know I am back to trying to Steemit more. I want to work my way back to once a day, but have been lucky if I get once a week.

I completely agree about needing to retire to art all day. I don't have time for it either. I know I need to make time. I really enjoy it.

You were featured in week 39 of @pifc's Pay It Forward Curation Contest by @cicisaja

Interesting drawing! Well done, @saltyseagull!

PS: I have found your post because @cicisaja featured you in her entry for The Pay It forward Contest


Thank you so much. Yes, I was very excited about my entry from @cicisaja . Was very appreciative. I am glad my artwork is getting coverage.

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Very nice 👍

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Oh, you also use Micron inkpen! I love that pen very much ! What kind of paper are you using for your watercolour pieces? :O

I am now super inspired ! Your arts are very wonderful <3


Love my micron pens. It's the perfect combination with the watercolor. I do tend to go through quite a lot though with my ink work. Definitely watercolor paper at least 300 and I prefer rough. Other than that no real preferences yet, still finding my footsteps believe it or not. Exploring. Have yet to purchase a proper paint set :o 2019 goal.

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I am just learning watercolours so thank you for the inputs :D !!

Such nice braided tentacle monster ;)

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Nice post @saltyseagull!

I am impressed that you managed to put this together with Partiko Android. I love that app and have written about it, but I obviously have some things to learn, if you are able to get all of these pictures into a Partiko post. Great job.

Dropping by to support your post, after @cicisaja featured it in our weekly @pifc community contest. And wishing you all the best for a …

💥 Happy New Year!! 💥

Hi @saltyseagull, I love art and this is really nice loking drawing. I found your post because @cicisaja featured you in @pifc curation contest. please fee free to check it any time and participate in it.

Really nice drawing @saltyseagull!
I found your post via @cicisaje and her entry for the Pay-It-Forward-Curation Contest (@pifc).
Also, I support the idea regarding the seahorse drawing - I love these animals!