Ocean minded art : Stinging beauties

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The final product

The process story of how this piece came to life. For anyone who may be interested in my particular style of art.

First layer of watercolour

Establishing some lines and curves/patterns with my micron pens

More patterns start emerging and finer linework is underway

Linework has developed nicely but shadework will come at the end as well as more watercolour

A closer view of a portion of the piece. Showing linework and colour variation.

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Really lovely, @saltyseagull <3 I love your style very much, it is so distinctive, the way you complement your delicate watercolours with your flowing ink artline <3 I would like to try your technique one day, for sure !

Jellyfishes are fascinating to me, and you captured their beauty and strangeness so well here <3

Congratulations for curie, as well :)

Oh you must try it someday. It's fascinating to try new art techniques

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love your art style! the different shades of color make those jellyfishes come alive. i bet the linework took you a lot of time to finish! great job by the way!

Hi. Thanks! Yes, takes forever to do. But I really love it. It's therapeutic and relaxing for me x

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A good job
Is not easy.
I think it's an art that can only be created on the basis of love and attention to detail.
Great patience, generated by a state of peace.

I think you nailed it on the head there. I can sit for hours and hours just drawing and find it completely relaxing.

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I liked your art style. the design is very nice. I like the effect, is it like a lot of hair in the water or maybe it's some jellyfish? we do not know... Well done.

Much amused by your comment as I realised I had forgotten to mention they are jellyfish. Well done on your guess!

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Very cool. At first glance, I thought it was a digital art piece. Much respect and continued growth on your journey.

Thank you.

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Hi saltyseagull,

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Hi. Thank you. Much appreciated. Will definitely have a great day now. X

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Are they kissing? I like the detailed, perfectly shaped lines and the coloring. The colors are cold and fit the scene very well. They make me think of sea and deep waters..

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

I enjoy people's vision and interpretation of my piece's. But no, they're not kissing. Just close by to each other overlapping. Thanks for taking the time to send a message xx

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ehy dear @saltyseagull, your design is beautiful !! first of all I really like to see the whole process that led to the creation of the work by an artist, it almost seems to be easy !! and I love the colors you used, with some glacial tones and others more sweet. Do you do it for work or is it your passion? I guess you need a lot of time for all those details !!
:-)) congratulations

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to send a message. Only recently have I been lucky enough to be able to leave the rat race so to speak, and pursue my love in art. But I am at the mercy of virgin territory and do not know much except for the love in what I do. So I'll stick to that and hope it takes me a long way xxx

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Wow @saltyseagull !
You know it's really good to put some step by step process for people like me! Sometimes when we look at the final art... We don't know anything about the journey behind it... But with sharing that... I can say I felt that ocean sound in my ears through my eyes!
Thanks for sharing! ♥♥♥

You're absolutely right. I have found so many more people that are interested in the process before the final outcome. It helps engage people into a piece. And some actually try the process themselves. So a little inspiration. Very rewarding.

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