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RE: This Time I'll Write A Headline That Looks Like A Professional Wrote It So You Don't Think The Post Is Trash

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Can't look at this one for long, I'm seeing multiple things at once x_x most of my initial reaction was along the lines of HOW IS THAT UPSIDE DOWN AND UPRIGHT AT THE SAME TIME WHAT MULTIDIMENSIONAL CHICANERY IS THIS. How you even paint this without going completely cross-eyed is beyond me XD

Ahh the digital vs traditional, and then the little sub-thingies of it like the 3d vs 2d. I've had a friend asking me why I took so long to do one of my characters twisty horns from hell in 3d when it would take them "minutes" in Photoshop (it would probably take me slightly less time in...Krita because I don't use Photoshop but then I wouldn't be able to animate it as I don't think I can 2d animate anymore) and then when I explained the process they were stunned as apparently they thought I "just designed it and the computer did it all for [me]". Sometimes I wish I'd get things done a lot faster then XD (but not so much because I also enjoy the process even though it's painful sometimes)

Those filters! I suppose the people that nick photos and apply a filter and then try to pass it off as they painted it have to get caught out to realise that people do actually know how to pick up these things.


Just be happy I didn't use color. I think that would have been too much for the brain.

Producing these isn't easy. That's all I can say. Certainly can't achieve something like that with a few pushes of a button. "The computer did it all," is much like saying, "the brush did it all."

Much of that old crowd left. The ones who remain still ignore me, and that doesn't bother me.

The filters always offer a similar effect. It's really easy to see when one is applied. Most are tacky. I don't mind though when real photographers add more sophisticated effects to their photos. That's legit.

Colour would have been cool too, in all its brain melting glory.

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