My original abstract art "Africa"

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My latest abstract art - “Africa”

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Today in western horizons
In eventide choked with rainstorms
When animals come out of hidden lairs
Announce end of day with ominous wails
Come epoch-making poet
In last light of imminent dusk
Come forth and stand at the door
Of the woman violated
Amidst ferocious delirium
Say two words “Forgive me”
The ultimate sacred words of civilization, let those be …

—– Rabindranath Tagore

And this is my poem (it was already published 2 months ago)

The love with lands surrounded by
the Mediterranean sea to north,
Sinai Peninsula keeps a house with whom?
Suez and red having room.

Forest and her ancient folk
always in our feelings and talk,
All the mankind having so curious
You,more I think mysterious.

Beauty of her smile peeking, a truth
I know the truth ,the truth
The photographer committing suicide
never conceding the painful sight.

A monster throwing away foods
In the water ,children of you
Crying crying for a grain.
The moribund acting his last sequence
Why? a vulture waiting, a question.

I love you, consider mother of lions
Smile revealing a secret, oh Africa!

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great art-work :D

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