work in progress. july 2018

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I have been working on a few pieces since I got back from the US.
This is one of the ones that I´m most curious about.
I´m still finding it´s place and meaning.

It´s an oil on wood, measuring 40x50cm.
No title yet but it´s giving me quite some conversation....

feel free to comment

Best Wishes,


very pretty, love the layers and layers of textures and patterns you are working with <3 the colours are also lovely, i look forward to seeing new works from you :D

Thank you Veryspider!

Dear Artist @romanie ! This post has been resteemed and upvoted from FineArtNow account ! See you soon !

Thank you!

It's like macro imagery of a damsel fly's wing. I LOVE that colour!

I hadn´t seen it like that! thank you .. it´s true!

Is that glass on it? It looks pretty neat. Can’t wait to see the end result 👍🏻☺️

no glass, just an effect made with the pigment.

Wow it looks like glass! Can’t wait to see more photos ☺️

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